Taste of Country Nights

Evan Paul  

Evan Paul is the host of Taste of Country Nights.  

Evan has been a professional radio host for more than 20 years. His career started when he was 17 at Western Carolina University, on the college radio station. Since then his broadcasting skills have taken him to Charlotte, Memphis, New York City, Detroit, San Diego, Philadelphia and Portland, Oregon.

As morning host on “The Bull” KUPL in Portland OR, Evan’s love of Country music and the artists was realized. Hosting Taste of Country Nights is a dream come true.

In July of 2013, Evan decided he wanted to live a healthier lifestyle, and lose weight. Through his determination and motivation from his wife and family, Evan lost over 200 pounds. Evan has kept all the weight that he lost off, since 2014.

Evan, Kristen and their beautiful daughter, Libby Mae, reside in Nashville with their cat named Ninja and their cockatiel named Marlee.


Born and raised in Tennessee, Amber Atnip grew up in the heart of country music. She has done promotion for several of Nashville’s most prominent radio stations, including WSIX-FM. After graduating from Middle Tennessee State University, she found her home as a producer and on-air sidekick on Taste of Country Nights, where she continues to add Southern charm, a contagious laugh and a millennial perspective. Amber loves country music and cares deeply about not only the artists who make it, but the people who consume it, too.